West Papua

Inquiry needed into Australia’s silence on West Papuan massacre, human rights groups say
Christopher Knaus –The Guardian- 20 September 2021
Revelations that Australia knew about atrocities by Indonesian military but did nothing are ‘deeply disturbing’, Human Rights Watch says

Veronica Koman: ‘War in West Papua is escalating’
Susan Price – Green Left Weekly – 1 September 2020   Here’s a pdf.

A Year after Papua Uprising – 61 deaths and no progress

Mirrors and Flags
A great deal is being written about the violence and deaths in Papua and West Papua, but what is being done about it?

These stickers can be obtained by sending an email to [email protected]. Please include your snail mail address.  The stickers are FREE.

More Violence in West Papua
Phillip Adams – Late Night Live – 3 September 2019

Slow motion genocide’ or not?   Dr Jim Elmslie

Neglected Genocide – Human Rights and Peace for Papua

West Papua and Anzac Day

70 arrested at rally in restive West Papua

Military links between Australia and Indonesia: An amoral assessment

Australian taxpayers are paying millions for Indonesian military officers to study Down Under

Permits still needed for Papua reporters