Whilst the following first article is from 2021, it illustrates graphically the situation of the Timorese people at the present time. One can imagine how much worse the situation was 19 years ago when the Timor Sea resources were being negotiated, that is, when the Australian government was spying on the Timorese leaders for financial gain to Australia and its resource companies.  The lead-in states:

Timor-Leste was born in the wake of colonialism, war and hunger, with the multi-generational effects of nearly 25 years of Indonesian occupation still visible. Malnutrition and stunting remain widespread as the country’s youth attempt to scratch out a future amidst trauma that lingers in the very soil.

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A country born on an empty stomach: War and hunger in Timor-Leste


March 2023

War crimes investigator tapped to lead first federal corruption watchdog
Paul Sakkai – Sydney Morning Herald­  20 March 2023
The judge who led the investigation into alleged Australian war crimes in Afghanistan is expected to be the Albanese government’s pick to head the first federal anti-corruption body.   NSW Court of Appeal Justice Paul Brereton has been nominated by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus to run the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)…

February 2023

A timeline of how the vexatious prosecution of Bernard Collaery cost taxpayers $5 million
Charlie Lewis – Crikey­ –17 February 2023
The lawyer’s prosecution for allegedly helping Witness K expose Australia’s bugging of East Timor’s cabinet has been a protracted, expensive affair. (Timeline included).

Commonwealth spends more than $7.6 million in prosecuting whistleblowers including Bernard Collaery, David McBride and Richard Boyle
Matthew Doran – ABC News – 14 February 2023
The Commonwealth has racked up more than $7.6 million in legal fees pursuing whistleblowers, with the bulk of that bill relating to a now-dumped prosecution. 

Attorney General to Reform National Security Secrecy Orders, as Closed Trials Continue
Paul Gregoire – Sydney Criminal Lawyers – 3 February 2023
In its response to the findings of a review of national security orders that have been used by the federal government to cloak specific trials in secrecy over recent years, the Albanese government agreed in its 19 January response to action all the recommendations the inquiry made.

Howard Govt dirty Timor tactics – even the submissions about secrecy are secret
Michael West – Michael West Media – 3 February 2023
67 days into the reign of the Albanese Government, we saw a secret hearing being held to try to keep from release 21-year-old Howard Government Cabinet documents spelling out his tactics for defrauding impoverished Timor-Leste of their oil and gas revenue. What’s the scam?

January 2023

Labor flags law reforms to stop cases involving national security being cloaked in secrecy
Henry Belot and Christopher Knaus – The Guardian –  27 January 2023
Bernard Collaery welcomes proposed changes as attorney general recognises importance of open justice and public interest

How secret trials became and remain possible in Australia
Maeve McGregor –  Crikey – 25 January 2023
There may very well be secret prosecutions and secret jailings happening now, and they can and will continue until the law is reformed.

Why it’s time to pardon and honour Witness K
Hugh Selby  – City News – 18 January 2023
“The Albanese government can now complete the circle of light by having the governor-general pardon Witness K as an exercise of the ‘prerogative of mercy’,” says legal columnist Hugh Selby.   

December 2022

Timor Gaps
Hamish McDonald – Inside Story – 8 December 2022
Labor’s decision to the drop the prosecution of Bernard Collaery leaves key questions unresolved

November 2022

Coalition launches new — and false — attack on Bernard Collaery
Bernard Keane – Crikey – 24 November 2022
The Coalition is obsessed with Bernard Collaery and is now using Parliament to make false allegations against him. Shadow attorney-general Julian Leeser yesterday used parliamentary privilege to make an extraordinary and false attack on Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus’ decision to end the prosecution of Bernard Collaery, alleging it may have been because “Collaery was an attorney-general in the ACT Labor government”.

October 2022

For a fraction of Australia’s fighter jet budget, I’d leave East Timor’s fuel in the ground
José Ramos-Horta – The Sydney Morning Herald  – 5 October 2022

September 2022

Bernard Collaery says further Timor-Leste affair details will be put before federal ICAC
Sarah Basford Canales – Canberra Times ­- 28 September  2022
Further details relating to the Australian government’s involvement in a Timor-Leste bugging scandal will be put before the upcoming national anti-corruption watchdog once it’s established.

‘Strong argument’ transparency should trump national security, judge in Bernard Collaery case says
Christopher Knaus – The Guardian – 25 September 2022    (Scroll down)