32. Hearing 25 May – 29 May

The hearing was set for 25 May- June, but concluded on 29 May. Click here for a one page summary and photos (pdf).

Media release issued by Timor Sea Justice Forum

Read Judge Mossop’s judgements below.
Judgement No. 7
Judgement No. 8

Pdf Judgement 7
Pdf Judgement 8

How a national security law is leading to secret trials in Australia
The Full Story  – Laura Murphy-Oates interviews Christopher Knause – 01 June 2020
Audio 26 minutes. First 15 min concern Witness K and Bernard Collaery, followed by discussion of the secret trial of “Witness J”.

May 2020
‘I am unable to say much’: anger simmers as Timor bugging hearing goes ahead in secret
Christopher Knause – The Guardian – 30 May 2020

Letter in Canberra Times – Ernest Willheim – 30 May 2020

Two East Timorese presidents give evidence backing Bernard Collaery in Witness K spy trial
ABC News – Elizabeth Byrne – 28 May 2020

‘Stars’ come out for Collaery
Crikey – Charlie Lewis – 28 May 2020

Bernard Collaery and his lawyers were in attendance at the set of hearings beginning on Monday May 25. Members of the public were not permitted to stay, and after a brief introduction, Judge Mossop asked them to leave. Outside, protesters voiced their concern at the secrecy and claims of “national security” surrounding this case. People in Sydney stood outside the Commonwealth Offices expressing their concern.  Click here for more photos.

Who are the real criminals?

Sydney 25.05.20

YtWK4A1XRSSWLTsOL3O7GQ_thumb_e95bCanberra 25.05.20

Canberra 25.05.20