70. Hearing 16 May 2022

The legal playing field has tilted sharply against Bernard Collaery
Bernard Keane – Crikey – 17 May 2022
The latest ruling in the trial of the former ACT attorney-general effectively liberates Australia’s intelligence agencies from judicial oversight.

Government successfully blocks Bernard Collaery from obtaining documents on legality of spy mission
Christopher Knaus – The Guardian –  16 May 2022
Judge says legality of intelligence operation irrelevant to charge of disclosure of classified information

Secret evidence to be allowed in Collaery case
Blake Foden – Canberra Times – 16 March 2022
The federal Attorney-General will be allowed to rely on secret evidence Bernard Collaery and his legal team cannot see as the whistleblower is prosecuted over the exposure of an Australian espionage operation in East Timor.