Support from Legal Bodies

Legal Support
for the former ACT Attorney-General Bernard Collaery

Australian Bar Association calls on the Australian Government to reconsider the prosecution of Bernard Collaery
Media Release – Australian Bar Association  – 28 July 2021   Pdf here.

Sentencing of Witness K a dark day for democracy in Australia
Media Release – Human Rights Law Centre – 8 July 2021   Pdf here.

Greg Stretton SC slams ‘shameful apathy’ of fellow lawyers over case of Bernard Collaery
Blake Fodden – The Canberra Times –  29 June 2021   Pdf here.

Opaque Justice  (Pdf)
Human Rights Law Centre – 30 April 2021
Concerns the NSI Act and the “Alan Johns” (Witness J) affair.

Time to reconsider prosecution of Bernard Collaery
Media Release – ACT Bar Association – – 2 April 2021    Link above is a pdf.