New Book and Video from Maritime Boundaries Office Timor-Leste
Timor-Leste’s Maritime Boundary Office has launched – New Frontiers: Timor-Leste’s Historic Conciliation on Maritime Boundaries in the Timor Sea – a publication that documents the first-ever compulsory conciliation process under the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea.

Greater Sunrise Oilfields and Food Insecurity in Timor-Leste
Dispute processes have cost time and money that could have been better spent exploiting the field’s resources, creating jobs and generating revenue.

Why Timor-Leste took its $484 million Greater Sunrise gamble
The oil-dependent country’s acquisition of ConocoPhillips’ 30% Greater Sunrise stake is seen as the final step in securing sovereignty. But is it worth the risk?

Bill introduced to implement Treaty with Timor-Leste
Legislation to implement the landmark Maritime Boundary Treaty with Timor-Leste introduced into the Australian Parliament.

Developing Timor-Leste’s Oil Resource: At what cost? Analysis
Viji Menon

Hard times ahead for a politically divided Timor-Leste
Damien Kingsbury

Madness is Catching
Scapegoating in the Coalition

Enemy Twins
Susan Connelly’s article for Eureka Street, 16 August 2018. It is a Girardian reflection on the maiden speech of a Senator which puts the blame for many of Australia’s ills onto migrants, particularly Muslim people.


Read Pastor Benny Giay’s comprehensive presentation on West Papua.
Read the report ‘We Will Lose Everything’ from a recent visit to Papua.

Father John Djonga is being threatened with treason.

People are arrested for praying for freedom.

Summary of West Papua March 2016.

Read about responses to recent killings. For a full account of the ongoing violence in December 2015, refer to this summary from the Australia West Papua Association.


René Girard interpreted human violence in a way that challenges each of us to face reality in this increasingly violent world. Find here some articles which give an introduction to his extraordinary work and thought.

On August 15, 1962, the future of West Papua was determined by the Netherlands, Indonesia and the USA in the so-called “New York Agreement”. The voice missing was that of the West Papuan people.

Read an eyewitness report of a recent visit to West Papua.
Watch a demonstration in London on 15 August, 2015.

Here is an article by Senator Nick Xenophon entitled “Failure to deal fairly with East Timor opening the door to China.”   And here is a letter in response.

Please find here a “Writing Rings for Righting Wrongs” concerning the Australian Border Force Act 2015 which removes the right of health professionals and others to report abuse in detention centres.

Vanishing Tribes is a free, interactive, 70-page illustrated eBook that tells a fictional story based on real events in West Papua. It is a tribute to the people of this island nation and their unstoppable determination against all odds to regain their freedom through 50 years of passive resistance.

East Timor drops spying case against Australia at UN International Court of Justice.

Click here to read about a demonstration in Parliament House to draw attention to asylum seekers.  Innocent people should not be locked up.

Apolos Sroyer, a traditional leader in West Papua has been arrested for expressing his opinion in a peaceful demonstration.  Click here to find out ways to help him.

Read the ACTU policy on the Timor Sea resources passed at the May 2015 Conference.

Also, East Timor revives attempt to have Greater Sunrise treaty declared invalid amid spying allegations.

What is the Melanesian Spearhead Group?

Helping West Papua join.  WP 4 MSG

Read major reports on the situation: “Slow motion genocide’ or not? ” and “Neglected Genocide” and other news items.

The President of Timor-Leste: “In April, I met Indonesian President Joko Widodo. He and I agreed to immediately give a renewed boost to the negotiation of the borders between Timor-Leste and Indonesia, especially the sea border. The land border is 98% established…..With regard to Australia, Timor-Leste has also proposed the start of negotiations for the definition of our shared sea border. We continue to wait for an answer to our proposal…”. Read the President’s speech here:  TimorLeste President Speech 20 May 2015

The most effective means of supporting justice in Timor-Leste is to visit your Member of Parliament about the Timor Sea issues.

Here is a letter for sending to the Parliamentarian, talking points for a meeting, and a briefing paper to leave after the meeting.

Watch the GetUp! Australia ad about Australia’s responsibility to agree on a permanent border in the Timor Sea.  Timor-Leste needs the border for its stability, and Australia needs it for its integrity.

Here are two articles concerning the anniversary of World War I, both of which critique the manipulation of the Anzac image.

Don Watson:  “Lest we go over the top”

Tom Hyland: “No honour in commercialisation of ‘Disney’ Diggers”


A packed Auditorium at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney on Saturday 17 May 2014 heard speakers at a Timor Sea Forum. Tom Clarke, convenor of the Timor Sea Justice Campaign in Melbourne, set the scene with a detailed overview of the history of the various agreements connected with the Timor Sea. He referred to Ambassador Richard Woolcott’s 1970’s advice that if Indonesia controlled Timor it would be easier to negotiate a deal favourable to Australia and outlined aspects of the current spying allegations against Australia. Tom outlined the task ahead: that the Australian Government must work with Timor-Leste to establish […]


Read here the statement of the Sisters of St Joseph on asylum seekers, dated July 4, 2014

Josephites from around the world have joined the Refugee Council and other human rights groups in pleading for the rights of desperate people fleeing for their lives.

Click here for a short clip on the Timor Sea issues.

This four minute visual asks why there is no maritime boundary between Australia and Timor-Leste.

With maps, a cartoon, photos of graffiti in Dili and some disturbing facts about the benefits Australia has already received from disputed oil and gas areas, it gives a potted history and a call to action.

Aussie_Aussie_Aussie  (Timor Sea Resources)
Generous?  Not.  (Timor Sea Resources)
Connelly 17.05.14 Timor Sea  (Timor Sea Resources)
Kirsty Sword Timor Sea Forum 17 May 2014  (Timor Sea Resources)
McGrath_Oil, gas and spy games in the Timor Sea  (Timor Sea Resources)
Fernandes_Cutting the Gordian Knot  (Timor Sea Resources)
ABC Radio –  Closer ties between China and East Timor
Victimising asylum seekers  Palm Sunday Rally Sydney
Dorling 04.04.14   Australia’s suppression of East Timor papers
Timor Sea map
Draw the Line in the Timor Sea   Short film clip.


This is the face of our brother and sister  (Asylum Seekers)
Submission to Parliamentary Inquiry into relations with Timor-Leste 2013   (East Timor)
AWPA Report on West Papua 2012


Teach Timorese History 2012   (East Timor)
Walsh, P. International Tribunal  (East Timor)
Timor Under Siege  (East Timor 1975-1999)
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Caught in the Middle   (World War II)



A Reconciliation Dilemma 2011   (Spirituality/ Social Justice)
Comparison Chart   (West Papua)
DVD Invitation
International Crisis Group Papua     (West Papua)
Josephine Mitchell


Asylum Seekers in East Timor?
Walsh, P. (2010) Taci Tolu Exhumations    (East Timor)
Recognise Timor    (East Timor)


Cleary_Obituary of Alan Luby   (World War II)
Heroes of Rimau  (World War II)
West Papua AWPA 2009
WWII Petition


Walsh, P. (2008) The politics of remembering   (East TImor)
Coro Loro Sae 2008   (Timorese Choir Reunion)


Leach, M. “Talking Portuguese”   (East Timor)